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January 6, 2018
CEO Lashback

Peter Wilson

Peter joined LashBack as President and CEO in 2012, bringing more than two decades of experience as a senior executive, board member and advisor to technology and service businesses. He has led LashBack through a period of significant investment and growth, and helped to position LashBack as a leader in email intelligence. Peter previously served as President and CEO of Cutting Edge Media, where he focused on the management and turnaround of a business providing marketing services, data management and technology. Prior to joining Cutting Edge Media, Peter served as Managing Director and the U.S. Head of Technology, Software and Services investment banking at KPMG Corporate Finance. Peter advised a variety of business in his role with KPMG, but had a particular expertise working with marketing and advertising technology firms. Peter has been a consistent advocate for best practices and raising industry standards, and is active in industry organizations including the Online Trust Alliance and the Performance Marketing Association.



Progress and Opportunities in Email 2018, a data-driven look at how the market has evolved and some of the key issues and opportunities in the email marketing channel.



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MailCon Las Vegas – 2018

MailCon 2018 is taking place on January 6 at the Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.
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