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Email Marketing Performance &
Deliverability Conference.

January 6, 2018
CEO & Co-Founder Sendlane

Jimmy Kim

Jimmy Kim is the CEO and the co-founder of Sendlane – an email automation company. Over the past 8+ years as a digital marketer, his need for a reliable platform that understands digital marketers, lead him to build his own platform just 4 years ago.

Since opening doors in just 2 years, he’s helped over 30,000 businesses and entrepreneurs deliver their messages to their subscribers and followers, with heavy focus on digital marketers, eCommerce owners, and affiliate marketers.

Jimmy will be joining us to share The 4 things You Should Be Doing As An Email Marketer. He’ll share with us the best practices and methods to communicate and nurture your email leads for maximum engagement and long term growth



The 4 things You Should Be Doing As An Email Marketer

1. The Cookie System – Balance and Nurture
2. The 3 E’s of a Perfect Email – Excite, Educate, and Edify
3. Event Based Marketing For Maximum Conversions
4. The Seinfeld Experience To Writing Emails



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MailCon Las Vegas – 2018

MailCon 2018 is taking place on January 6 at the Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.
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