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Email Marketing Performance &
Deliverability Conference.

January 6, 2018
Director of Email Marketing, BMG

Diana Conner

Diana has spent the past decade living and breathing all things email. Diana joined BMG as the Director of Email Marketing in 2017. She is responsible for managing each part of the email puzzle. This includes overall strategy/branding, data segmenting, technical development, analytics and beyond. She enjoys the chance to be creative during production as well as analyzing metrics to optimize campaign performance. The ever-evolving email landscape is always engaging and fascinating to be a part of. Diana hails from New York City and is now a resident of Austin, Texas. When she’s not sending emails to your inbox she’s spending free time with her husband and son.



Segment Targeting and Automation



Diana Conner


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MailCon Las Vegas – 2018

MailCon 2018 is taking place on January 6 at the Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.